captjrab/Acoustic Series

Been relearning all my old songs, broadcasting weekly. I never duplicate a song. Sometimes there’s a little less finesse than I’d like in these performances. Maybe it’s all leading up to a full quality recording or video. This is the processing of that future possibility.

captjrab/Records Revolving

On my bed remembering
In our day/So twee in our naivite
Minds at ease in a daydream harmony
Can you retrain/the spirit of then to be again?

Sitting in my room/Records revolving
Absorbing all they said
And the promise of possibility
Reached out from the speaks and handed me
The secret key and said
Come along and share in all the land
Down sidewalks bright until the night
I walk I write seer insights

Give what you can/Take what you need

Now I am and I’ll always be
Right there in your yester year
I’ve become who you listen to
In your room
On your bed
In the womb
Records revolving



You have picked your path and stayed true
Waiting for a big break through
And even though you are misunderstood
A day will come when it will all make sense
That being alone is nothing new
I am already there in my perfect solitude

Are you all alone in a room
Full of everyone you ever knew?
The awkward silence it will deafen you
All by yourself with everybody else
Reaching in the dark for a helping hand to pull you out

The cards lay bare/Solitaire
It’s hard enough to even plant your feet
Face cards stare/under constant scrutiny
In this holograph reality

From you deepest doubts comes greater meaning
Someday eventually the sun will shine upon your dreams



Lifeboat Lifeboat adrift at sea
Save our sanity
Searching for a place to be
Nowhere suitably
Deserts endlessly
“Wait, what’s that up ahead?”
The first matey said
“Not but a mere mirage”
False hope/Too Far
Rock reef/Sand Bar

Yo yo ho all hands on deck
Prepare for ship wreck
Dead winds blow from far away
Yawns the new plague
So long too late
Surely we will drown
Pink plume going down

This race is run
Little by little
Rowing to Kingdom Come

Yo ho ho upon the pink sea
Poseidon we poison thee
Raining down upon the land
Chromosome reisistant
Slow kill circumstance
One day we’ll find our wake
Upon land break
Where no one is safe
No where to habitate
Shove off chances take
Agents of fate up the swell face
We jump like fleas into the pink sea
Lifeboat carry we

Utopian Times 3/20/12

Buzz Naizie

Utopian Times March 2012

Sound collage recorded onto cassette tape using three cassette dictaphones, iPod, found recordings and tape speed manipulation.

There’s many reasons why I like making sound collage tapes. First, it’s a creative act which is always my #1 free time well spent. It’s also political to mash different sounds together and create unique contexts by combining unusual source material. I have a large stack of tapes of myself playing improv noise guitar, psychedelic jams with my friends, found sounds I record and found tapes I get at the Community Thrift Store. I have recently been using three I pod apps iTabla, Animoog and Funkbox which I run simultaneously. Utopian Times is mine and RX’s quest for musical synchronicity. Sometimes it is magical, other times it’s the grok/buildup to the magic. Once synchronicity is achieved it’s like a Tibetan sand mandala that is appreciated for a moment then wiped out and a new approach is begun. I love noise/experimental/trance enducing alpha wave art music. Most people don’t get it which makes this journey special. Its political in this sense too because of the impression it leaves on the unsuspecting listener. Even a bad reaction to this is positive to me. It’s like picking up multiple radio stations on a shortwave with several different languages going simultaneously.


I’ve been playing free noise guitar improvisation on the Clarion Alley, SF between roughly 2:30 and 3:45 on Tues, Thrus and Fri.  Stop by and play, draw, write, hang out and talk about weirdo shit.  I’ll be bringing this slice of the street side onto the airwaves of Radio Valencia 87.9 (or online here) on Aug. 1st at 8:00  pm PDT.

Midnight Mass II (side one)

Psychedelic Noise Collage Xperiment. I’m over everything. Sick of every conventional gimmik and songnik. Now I make “songs” by mixing free creative/spiritual moments together randomly. I find the results to be as deep as you are or an alternative to listening to the radio. Great durning/after party ambience. This is my alternative to any and everything you would expect. New age healing, trance/thought inducing mind sounds. Culled from dictaphone tapes mixed together. I’m working so fast, getting this shit down, making entire lp’s worth of material on my lunchbreak at work. The whole process of making long playing recordings is so overrated. What I like to do is play, then share. The humanity comes out more pure this way, rather than some weird touched up overdubbed mechanized sculpture. Yes, this is a politicized approach. I like musiks/things that make me think. That teach me about the world, art and poetry. If I’m not learning from it, than, pretty much, forget it. I’m out of there. I don’t care about boyfriend/girlfriend songs, or dance parties or even what drugs you are on today. Are you over everything, too? Great. Dream.

cJr 7/11