Lifeboat Lifeboat adrift at sea
Save our sanity
Searching for a place to be
Nowhere suitably
Deserts endlessly
“Wait, what’s that up ahead?”
The first matey said
“Not but a mere mirage”
False hope/Too Far
Rock reef/Sand Bar

Yo yo ho all hands on deck
Prepare for ship wreck
Dead winds blow from far away
Yawns the new plague
So long too late
Surely we will drown
Pink plume going down

This race is run
Little by little
Rowing to Kingdom Come

Yo ho ho upon the pink sea
Poseidon we poison thee
Raining down upon the land
Chromosome reisistant
Slow kill circumstance
One day we’ll find our wake
Upon land break
Where no one is safe
No where to habitate
Shove off chances take
Agents of fate up the swell face
We jump like fleas into the pink sea
Lifeboat carry we

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