Midnight Mass II (side one)

Psychedelic Noise Collage Xperiment. I’m over everything. Sick of every conventional gimmik and songnik. Now I make “songs” by mixing free creative/spiritual moments together randomly. I find the results to be as deep as you are or an alternative to listening to the radio. Great durning/after party ambience. This is my alternative to any and everything you would expect. New age healing, trance/thought inducing mind sounds. Culled from dictaphone tapes mixed together. I’m working so fast, getting this shit down, making entire lp’s worth of material on my lunchbreak at work. The whole process of making long playing recordings is so overrated. What I like to do is play, then share. The humanity comes out more pure this way, rather than some weird touched up overdubbed mechanized sculpture. Yes, this is a politicized approach. I like musiks/things that make me think. That teach me about the world, art and poetry. If I’m not learning from it, than, pretty much, forget it. I’m out of there. I don’t care about boyfriend/girlfriend songs, or dance parties or even what drugs you are on today. Are you over everything, too? Great. Dream.

cJr 7/11



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