About Rabble Radio One

I am a musician, multi media artist, citizen journalist and community focalizer. There will be a page for each of these areas including songs, albums, interviews, sound collage experiments, editorials and live broadcasts.
First off, I am in a band called the Rabbles. We are a wide ranging rock band. I’m not sure who we sound like but my personal approach is 60’s pastiche with the post punk 70’s, 80′ and 90’s thrown in. You can check out the band at http://www.therabbles.com. There are over 40 songs you can stream there.
I demo most of the songs I present to the Rabs on my own and usually play all the instruments. There are too many songs for the band to play so I accumulate them and create entire albums over the months and years. I’ll be posting all of them up. My latest are on soundcloud.
Continuing with the music, I do a lot of ambient, noise, soundtrack and experimental music. I’ll be posting some longer extended pieces, jams with my friends and synthesizer works. I also do music videos now and then for both songs and ambient recordings.
I get into a lot of great conversations in my daily travels. There are still many mind blowing people here in San Francisco. They are the reason I moved here and one of the reasons I stay. It’s the Skool of Life and I’m always wanting to learn more, get more perspective and fill in the gaps of my own understanding. I interview my friends sometimes about their beliefs, research and opinions, stories and whatever else happens. It’s all spur of the moment, never planned, free form conversation. This is my community I’d like you to meet.
I write politics sometimes. My views are drowned out by a lot of noise usually. I’ve had he luxury of holding on to my ideals and ethics. I’m not invested in the main stream culture. It gives me the freedom to face the truth. Occasionally I’ll lay out an editorial.
Finally, I broadcast on Ustream. Lately it’s been a live synth performance I call Synthestesia. There will eventually be a regular time for this. Remember to use Firefox with adblocker.

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