Utopian Times 3/20/12

Buzz Naizie

Utopian Times March 2012

Sound collage recorded onto cassette tape using three cassette dictaphones, iPod, found recordings and tape speed manipulation.

There’s many reasons why I like making sound collage tapes. First, it’s a creative act which is always my #1 free time well spent. It’s also political to mash different sounds together and create unique contexts by combining unusual source material. I have a large stack of tapes of myself playing improv noise guitar, psychedelic jams with my friends, found sounds I record and found tapes I get at the Community Thrift Store. I have recently been using three I pod apps iTabla, Animoog and Funkbox which I run simultaneously. Utopian Times is mine and RX’s quest for musical synchronicity. Sometimes it is magical, other times it’s the grok/buildup to the magic. Once synchronicity is achieved it’s like a Tibetan sand mandala that is appreciated for a moment then wiped out and a new approach is begun. I love noise/experimental/trance enducing alpha wave art music. Most people don’t get it which makes this journey special. Its political in this sense too because of the impression it leaves on the unsuspecting listener. Even a bad reaction to this is positive to me. It’s like picking up multiple radio stations on a shortwave with several different languages going simultaneously.

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