Utopian Party Agenda for the Destruction of the Music Biz and Corporate Globilazation Pt.1

Instead of going to the record store and spending $100, you should give $20 to five of your favorite musician friends. If you really need to hear the latest fadulous flavors of the week, well, that shite’s free online anyway. There’s many good reasons to give your musician friends cash money. Keep their music habit going, Communitizing//Support Networks, everyone needs a little encouragement, pat on the back, compliment every so often. Musicians and artists pour their hearts and souls into their craft while being shafted by society because they aren’t working selling/or facilitating the sale of more useless crap for the landfill. Also, yr friends are probably making better music than you can buy at the store. Most likely they don’t have an ad agency, PR, marketing mumbo jumbo bullshitter working for them. You know the types…vampiring for your dollars the Amerikan whay, dragging the taste and intelligence of a nation down the tubes to the new dumbdown fast food zit faced strip mall Made in China flimsey levels of corporate idiocy. It’s all a mob anyways, just like any other biz or government or military. The music they are pushing these days will give you brain damage. It’s all created for the wrong reasons. Sorry. This goes mostly for corporate music, I mean, if that’s what you call music. I don’t. I’d say it’s another form of advertising posing as music. However, this mentality trickles down into the “indie” world where there’s some ambitious model with a guitar on every page of their lame glossy bum wipe magazines with a whole lot of nothing to say. No wisdom. No poetry. Nothing. Empty. Hollow. In one ear and out the other. Anywaze, do the real people need somebody to tell them what’s up w/music? No. The real folks find it for themselves or by word of mouth from their real folk friends. There’s just got to be a better way, peeple. We are never going to reach Galactic Consciousness at this rate. Let’s get some ideas out and share em around and change this lame world once and for all. As alwayz, NOW IS THE TIME.

Better Yet, MAKE YOUR OWN MUSIC. Let’s get off this phony snotty nosed hipster grid once and for all, y’all.


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