RR1 Oddcast Vol.2 (SF/NorCal edition)

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RR1 Oddcast Vol.2 pt.1(SF/NorCal edition)

RR1 Oddcast Vol.2 pt.2(SF/NorCal edition)

I’m lucky to live in a region bubbling over with great music.  I’ve compiled two podcasts full of stuff of my friends bands.  This oddcast was compiled using all these bands free trax on Myspace and other free listening sites, so, thanks for the music, folks.  All this great music is just sitting around the interwebs and I feel like nobody is paying any attention to it.  I’m just not paying (for music, that is).  You don’t need to these days.  There’s enough unsigned amazing stuff out there you never have to buy a thing really.  There’s already so much musical talent and amazing songcraft and musicianhood out there across the globe that you don’t need it delivered to you by any form of record label, major or indie.  These are just rich people and their offspring for the most part, capitalizing on something that’s already ours to begin with.  Every town has got it’s superstars, no matter how unfamous, delivering the good word, keeping the music alive, breaking new barriers.  Making this mix tape was inspirational to me as a way to check out and get close to what my friends are up to along with tapping into the whole diversity of the local sound.  These folks are lifers all the way.  Music is IT to these people.  Most of em don’t make any money off it, but that’s nothing to do w/how good it is.  It’s more a reflection of the current Death Culture Economy where everyone is replaceable, even weirdo psychedelic musicians.  Money’s part of the ego trip/sell out entitlement attitude anyhow, like “I need to be rewarded for doing something I love to do anyway because I am so great”.  There’s great music everywhere, so big deal to that.  Just turn over a few rox on the internet and you’re bound to find some great stuff.  Record labels are just consumerist rubber stamps of approval from the hipster elite.  I always liked the freaks in high school more than the popular kids.  They were a lot funnier and had great stories on the school bus.  I learned something from their struggles against the uber conformity and authority.  The popular kids were usually mean, one dimensional, insecure and shallow, just like the music biz, hey.  Being cool is not trying to be cool.  Let’s be artists for a change now that we’re grown ups and not follow the overtrod, uninspired, capitalist path where you’re thinking “any day now, I’m going to catch that carrot”.  If you forgo the whole “selling your song” for 23 cents on iTunes and just go free, you will free up your mind to create more/better music, because you will be free of that time wasting illusion.  The whole “this band will be your life” BS is no different than working for a bank or the military or whatever with the whole competition thing and there’s only so many jobs available and the people with those jobs get paid to do nothing and will never give it up anyway.  To me, that’s just neurotic.  One final note to bands that put up one minute samples of their songs because I guess they think you have to pay for it or buy their CD.  Well, none of those bands are on this comp.  I think that’s lame and click on ahead to the next band as fast as my wi fi can take me.  For one thing, this places a barrier in front of the people who may like your music but can’t/won’t/don’t feel like bothering to pay and 2). the world doesn’t need any more plastic in the landfill.

I’ve added in a few youtube philosophical surprises into the mix for educational/editorial/entertainment purposes.

RR1 Oddcast Vol.2 part 1 Trak Listing:

-Crispin Glover from Ruben & Ed (youtube) -J.Lee “Who’s to Say? They” -These Hills of Gold “Hypnotic Suggestion” -Soft Bombs(Grass Valley) “Wayside” -Dazzling Strangers(Grass Valley) “Fuss n’ Fight” -Sex Pol on Willhelm Riech youtube vid -Psychic Zoo(Grass Valley) “In Your Face” -Joel Gion “Control” -J.Lee “It” -the Aerosols “Don’t Sell the Roller Rink” -Allan Watts on Beatniks youtube vid -The Barney Caldron (Oakland) “Song 1”  -John Sinclair on Revolution youtube -Shortwave Noise youtube

RR1 Oddcast Vol.2 part 2 Track Listing:

-The Floating Corpses “Generic Generation” -Burning Person (Fresno) “Corruption at All Levels” -Winnie the Pooh and Piglet “Friendly” youtube -Ernesto Diaz Infante “Devils Heaven” -Sic Alps “Super Lungs” -CCR Headcleaner “53rd & 420” -Carl with Records (Oakland) “Sea of Medusas” -the Thingers “Oh Baby” -Mork calling Orson “Hate” youtube -Ovipositor (Oakland) “14th Floor” -Jamie Kimmel “Blood Loss” -the Beginnings-“She Sells Shards” -Sweet Bones “Paranoicos” -Gravid Wives “Hooded Eyes” (tape cuts off here).


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