RR1 My Amazing and Talented Friends episode 2

Feel free to download this:

RR1 My Amazing and Talented Friends episode 2.My latest bright idea:  I want to start an online free co-0p radio station called K.N.O.W. Radio with all open source undergound music and sound collage.

This above podcast was gathered from free online sources like myspace and youtube and friends websites with a couple band practice recordings thrown in and dumped down onto a cassette tape.  And now a quick word about each song and artist:

1) Electrokenesis by yours truly.  I’ve been messing around with a Dr.Rhythm drum machine.  Here’s some dictaphone found sounds and an answering machine tape mixed with the doc.

2)Airspace by Bob Noise.  My fave BN track for the moment.  Really really nice song.  Yaya.

3)Uno de los Malos by Pablo Liendro  Nice melody and tune from Sweetbones frontman.

4)Happy Saturday Forever (or Lesbians with Handguns) by the Brian Jonestown Massacre.  Anton Newcombe is on top of the music mountain and this song is higher than mountains.

5)50’s houswife on LSD excerpt.  Youtube it.  This says it all.

6)Pocket by Super Natural.  Adorable song by our good friends and practice space mates.

7)Egypt by the Rabbles.  Band practice recording of one of Marina’s new songs.

8)Godzilla vs the Smog Monster (youtube).  Great noise track and movie.  This left a huge impression on me as a kid watching the Creature Double Feature on Sat. at 1:00 Channel 56 Boston.

9)Punk Rock Jam by Naoki Onodera and Crocket Bondelson.  Band practice tape of this budding new band.  Think Shaggs appeal.

10)LFO vs VLF vs 2 Ludwigs by Ryan Sloan.  Good freakout noise track.  I always gotta have one of these in the mix and this is a good one.

11)This Gift by the Reaction.  Gnarly primal guitars and vocals over thudding beat and bass.  Simple and aggro.

12)Haarpoon by Jon Carling.  Great East Bay illustrator and artist with effn amazing song.

13)Tekno is Easy by me.  More ambient electro experimental sounds.

14)Out There by Jonnie Prey.  One of my favorite Bay Area characters, friends and undiscovered talents.  This song lives up to the title and then some.  Tape cuts off here.

Thanks for the inspiration, friends.  I’ll be putting up more podcasts as the weeks and months tick by.




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