Poor Freaks in the City

Lyric sheet and video for the song Poor Freaks in the City by yours truly w/Crash Mairs on drums and bk vox.  The video is a tribute to some of my favorite SF characters (Elvis Christ, the Amazing Kenne, Pablo Liendro, Woody, Naoki Onodera, and Swan).  See what I’m trying to do here folks is get as many creative and unique people name checked and recognized for their part in this movie called life.  It’s called COMMUNITY.  We are more powerful together than alone and much more powerful when we accept the poor and downtrod as our comrades in the resistance against this bullshit pyramid skeme society that a few a-holes concocted for their own benefit at our expense.  If this is too heavy to think about, then go back to facebook where you are safe.




2 thoughts on “Poor Freaks in the City

  1. organicdigital … sweetcreamsunshine … captJRab … organizedorganicozone … collect, follow, but never submit ><

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