RR1/My Amazing and Talented Friends episode 1

Meet my amazing and talented friends.  I am so lucky to have so many of them.  This time it’s SF via Argentina rocker Pablo Liendro of the SF band Sweet Bones and poet/musician/artist Orson Wagon.

Pablo would play so much Stones and Ramones that we all joked he should call his band the Oanes (pronounced owns).  Sometimes during our lunch break we bust out the gits go out to the Clarion Alley and transform into the Lunchers.  Here we perform two Sweet Bones numbers, Talking to the Wall and Easy Come Easy Go. For more of this exceptional 60’s punk inspired band go HERE:  http://soundcloud.com/thesweetbones

Orson Wagon and I go way  back to the glorious Mission daze of the 1990’s and even had a band together called the Hari Krishna Psychiatric Ward.  He’s a talented bassist and has released a book, put up some big artshows and has a comic book out there in circulation somewhere.  His latest band is called Alabaster Choad.  There’s a short video here of them in action:http://missoblivious.blogspot.com/2010/10/alabaster-choad-at-female-front-in.html

I love these guys and you will too.



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