Lo Friday 2/18/11

Welcome people to another episode of Rabble Radio One/Lo Friday.  Here in we have a couple demos I put together with Dave “Crash” Mairs on drums and me on guitar, bass, and later, drum machine and Farfisa.  I had a great week grokking it up with my family & friends, putting together a new set of songs w/the Rabbles, recording a new song called “Poor Freaks in the City” and getting high on life.


Now for my editorial rant & pep talk:

I’m retuning my wavelength.  I am so sick of all these so called leaders screwing us over while we sit there glued to facebook or whatever, so I want to remind you all about Cosmic Love.  We are created from the Stardust of the Universe.  We are of mind and spirit; spiritual machines here on Earth to create, love & bliss out.  I’m over conspiracy theories, cynicism, hate, depression and paranoia.   Sure they want to do you in with their HAARP and Chem Trails and Flouride and idiot rich greedy people waze of screwing you with their dumbed down ignorant media spell bullshit government racket.  That much is obvious, so let them waste their time and money and energy being greedy little vampire fux.  How much more do you need to know about that topic.  Drop Out!  Otherwise, you’re wasting your time, because it’s an endless circular mindfuck.  We are here for a short span.  Love conquers hate.  Make it happen.  Celebrate life NOW.  No second chances.  Live Live Live.  Dive in, folks.  You are here NOW!  Blow your mind.  YOU ARE A MAGICAL, MYSTICAL BEING.  OPEN YOUR HEART TO THE COSMIC LIFE FORCE SPELLED

L   O   V   E



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