LoFriday 2/11/11 Have You Seen My Song?

I’m working on a batch of new songs.  Here’s some acoustic fleshing it out demos from a free moment in Golden Gate Park on a nice sunny day.  No big deal, just a little backround music (so far.  These songs are going to be epic when played with the Rabbles some day).  My guitar playing is sloppy as ever, but that’s the nature of improv or brushing up around some idea, so excuse my muse.

I wuz at the cafe hanging out with a couple sundry friends, playing some git in the bright sunshine, searching for what the song is about.  It usually hits me when I least expect it and if I sit down to do it, rarely will I come up with anything good.  Maybe just a skrap heap of cool words.  But it’s much better when the song is about something, right?  So I asked my friend Kim “I’m searching for my song have you seen it?”  She said she “You just missed it.  I think it went that way” or something, so that’s what the song is about.  It’s called “Have you seen my song?”  The other song was born in Brooklyn jamming with Gian Carlo Feleppa.  By the way, I’m listening to one of Gian’s LP’s right now and it’s a whole new kind of music.  Thanks Gian.

The Rabbles are putting together a juicy new set of songs with some new blood.  Antonette G. is playing bass with us and Mike “Chewie” Chubata is jamming along on Farfisa.  It’s a little chaotic right now, but there are flashes and glimpses of how amazing it’s going to be every so often.  It’s always the hardest part for me putting together new songs, teaching the chords, the beat, giving everybody some space to feel it out, getting the mix right, keeping the arrangements open and fitting in the lyrics.


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