Saturday Night UFOrgan Music

Ever seen a UFO?  I have, a few times.  One was over Clear Lake, CA at about 5:00 am.  A multi dimensional pink light was breaking through  like it was cloaked behind the sky .  There was a strange ambient vibe/sound I can’t explain.  Eerie.  Magnetic.  The pink light broke up into three lights and slowly sank behind a hillside.  My other sightings happened at Panther Beach, Santa Cruz Co., CA.  One time I was watching an orange light cruising across the sky.  I made nothing of it until right before it was about to go out of my sights…it stopped.   I suddenly lost all perspective of how far or close it was and it seemed to be scanning my mind.  I told them I was a musician and I needed to stay here on Earth to fulfill my mission of bringing love, wisdom, joy and poetry to my fellow humans.   They knew I was speaking from my heart, and I mean, c’mon, they were reading my mind.  There is no bullshitting a super advanced alien being that’s reading your mind, folks.  It just can’t be done.  I turned around to wake up my friend and when I turned back it was gone.  The other time I was stumbling along the moonlit beach watching the ocean wave theater when I noticed I was directly in between two red and green revolving lights way out over the horizon (I call these the Xmas UFOs).   My spine shivered and a thousand mortal thoughts shattered my mind.  I came out of it when a huge wave crashed and drenched me.  They were reminding me they like me, they are watching out for me.  I’m glad.  Thanks space beings.  I like you to.  Think I’m crazy and on drugs?  Maybe…but that only makes it more real.  HA!

The soundtrack of this video is myself on Farfisa and Ryan Sloan on an old skool Korg synth.  Videos were nabbed from Youtube.

Until next time, true believers,

love from captjrab


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