Lo Friday 2/2/11

I was a busy little beav in the studio last month recoding some new works in progress.  I never know if I’m going to get back to any of it, so I’ll just put it up here for now.  1st, we have a collaboration w/ Ryan Sloan on drums called Heavy Pencil.

Here’s what Ryan had to say about the first tune I called the Joy Division jam (JD):
The Joy Div jam – Now that I can listen back, I can identify some simple breaks and changes that would keep the momentum without deviating from the thrust (just to keep my wrist from cramping up. Ha.) Listening to the JD jam makes me hear JD style vocals with contemporary content, maybe something about watching (cable/satellite)TV on the couch, getting up and getting in the car to go to a drive-thru for estrogen loaded soy McBurgers and sugar-high Sbuck’s lattes, so you can go home and snail on the couch to watch TV then get up and get in the car to go to a drive-thru for McSoy slam & another sugar-free, nonfat, decaf latte . . . and on and on/etc. etc.. DriveThruDeathCultureOnAMcLibidinalBudget(with a McStarbucks in your heart) – you know, burning a barrel of crude oil while you wait . . .. . . Then drive to the drive-thru pharmacy to get your “insurance-covered” Viagra and testosterone replacement script to counteract the estrogen bomb soy burgers that have left you so limp that you must use the drive-thru to get your soy latte, etc. And so on goes the loop.

Wow, something to think about.

Also on tap here is a video I shot while messing around w/ some techno/Industrial sounds and a sample of Maizie Jade saying “he’s eating the people and pooping them out”.  She’s referring to the cover of an anarchist zine given to us on our trip East in Dec. with the cover art of a grotesque green general looking character who is eating people and pooping out cops. Vid’s by yours truly.

Thanks for tuning in,





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